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Delivery Information

Depending on what product you order, you can expect one of two different delivery methods.  Most of our products are shipped via Parcel and typically arrive within 2 days of placing your order.  However, some of our larger items are shipped via Freight, and these usually arrive within 3-7 days of placing your order.  To determine what method of delivery will be used for your order, refer to the "Delivery Information" section on the product detail page.

Most products will be delivered in a single box, however, some of our larger items may ship in two boxes.  This information is also notated on the product detail page under "Delivery Information".


Parcel Deliveries: 

  • If you place your order before 1:00 pm CST it will ship the same day.  These items typically arrive within 2 days.  Please keep in mind, if your item is larger and shipping via freight it may affect the delivery date as these items have a longer shipping process.

Freight Deliveries:

  • Shipping time for these items may take a tad longer than regular ground shipping coming in at 3-7 days depending on the distance traveled from our facility to you. The carrier will give you a courtesy call to attempt a scheduled delivery with you so you can arrange a time that works best for you.
  • Freight packaging is built to take some bumps while in transit and still arrive in great condition, but If you happen to notice any signs of damage, please notate them on the bill of lading when the item is delivered. We're here to help if you notice anything with your delivery that concerns you, so please reach out right away if you have questions before accepting your shipment or signing any paperwork.

2 Box Deliveries:

  • For products that ship in two boxes, you can typically expect these boxes to arrive together on the same pallet.  However, there are rare instances that the boxes may arrive separately if the order needs to be fulfilled by two separate fulfillment centers - if this is the case you can expect the two boxes to both arrive within 3-7 days.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us here.