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There's no need to wait for Prime Day! Enjoy 20% - 35% off over 200 of our pieces starting now.

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Three Maven Lane Counter Stools at a kitchen counter.

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Execution is Everything

How Do We Do It?


Timeless home furnishings can positively impact the way we live in our spaces, and by extension our lives as a whole. Our nation-wide network of fulfillment centers allows us to deliver that impact in 48 hours.

Three Maven Lane counter stools with a woman sitting on one of them at a kitchen counter.

Timeless design

We design pieces that stand the test of time, regardless of trends. These are items that can be moved, passed down, and only gain character with age. Our lifetime warranty ensure that our customers have the opportunity to experience the meaning of "timeless".


Having close relationships with our incredible factories allows us to maintain factory-direct costs, which gives us the flexibility to create premium furniture at an accessible price point for our customers.

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