Beautifully Designed and Expertly Crafted Kitchen Bar Stools

Maven Lane believes that the furniture we put in our homes is more than just a collection of objects. What we furnish our home with is a reflection of who we are. It’s our personal style and a way of expressing ourselves. That’s why Maven Lane designs and builds stylish, high-quality kitchen bar stools. Our bar stools are always relevant, always beautiful, and always made with attention to detail. These solid wood bar stool chairs are hand finished with mortise-and-tenon joinery and designed perfectly to look great in any home.

We follow the direct-to-consumer model because this allows us to build the finest kitchen bar stools at a fair price for our customers. Check out our collection of bar stools with backs and our backless bar stools. We bet you’ll fall in love with our elegant styles and premium craftsmanship. It’s time to make your kitchen the heart of your home.

What You Need to Consider with Kitchen Bar Stools

It’s quite common for the kitchen to be one of the most frequented rooms in the entire home for most people. It's a place where family and guests come to congregate. For that reason, furnishings such as kitchen bar stools provide style and functionality for the area. Overlooking this idea could leave you with kitchen bar stools that don't stand the test of your family and friends. When you are considering upgrading the bar stools in your home, ask yourself some simple questions so that you can find the best fit for your room.

Do they match your kitchen?

Kitchen bar stools aren’t typically included with your home, but what’s the harm in them looking like they did? For a more uniform appearance in the room, select an option that matches at least one design element in your kitchen. This could either be the same color as the wall trim or matching up with any wood tones.

Are they practical?

Kitchen bar stools shouldn’t only look great but they should also be practical for the room. The bar stools you pick should be comfortable for everyone who lives in your house. You also have the option of choosing backless bar stools or bar stools with a back support. Whatever you feel fits in, just make sure that they have a practical application as well.

Are they sturdy enough?

When buying kitchen bar stools, it’s a good idea that you get the most bang for your buck, and part of that process is making sure that your furniture holds up to daily use. Quality materials and premium craftsmanship go a long way when it comes to durability, and this is something that consumers should look for when purchasing kitchen bar stools.

What to Keep in Mind with Kitchen Bar Stools

If you think shopping for furniture such as bar stools is daunting, there’s no need to worry. Maven Lane makes it easier because we take our time designing and building beautiful, durable bar stools that are great for any room. We keep every factor in mind for our customers and we stand behind our products. You’ll be able to find the best bar stools for your home before you know it.

Bar stools have a dual purpose in a kitchen: visual appeal and comfortable seating. Here are some useful tips for picking the best bar stool set for your home.

Bar Stool Heights

What you want is for your bar stool set to sit under the countertop bar in your kitchen. Typically, a bar is six inches taller than a countertop’s height and a bar stool accommodates for that extra height. Bar stools range between 29 inches to 32 inches, which is the perfect height for your kitchen bar.

Placement & Sizing Tips

Having some space between your bar stools creates a good presentation, but too much of it will create an awkward presentation, and too little of it will be uncomfortable when people are sitting in them.

Let there be about 15 inches between each stool and about the same distance from the end of the countertop to the stool. Stools are meant to fill vacant space effortlessly, but you don’t want them to completely detract from views of your room either.

Ensure that your bar stools can slide underneath the counter with some room. You’ll want enough room between the seat of the bar stool and the countertop to guarantee comfort.

Bar Stool Styles

Going off of the aesthetics and the spacing of your kitchen, it’s a good idea to have kitchen bar stools that complements the room as well as provide comfort for those who will be sitting there. Here are a few styles to consider:

• Bar Stools with Backs: Bar stools with backs provide more comfort because they provide support, and they are perfect for sitting for long periods of time. Backless stools are ideal options for a kitchen with limited square-footage. They also pave the way for a more open feeling.

• Backless Bar Stools: Backless bar stools are a perfect solution for kitchens that have limited space. They also make the area feel more open.

Why Consider Bar Stools for Your Home?

With so many different wood tones, designs, and shapes for you to select, picking the perfect bar stools for your home can be an exciting endeavor.

You can get seating for the entire family to sit at the kitchen counter for quick meals or for conversations. Are you looking to establish an area where you can entertain your guests in a beautiful, well-designed room? Our kitchen bar stools are the perfect solution for this.

You can learn more about all of the different bar stool styles that we offer at Maven Lane.

The Benefits of Bar Stools

Bar stools provide comfortable seating for kitchen counters that are set at bar height. An elegant looking set of kitchen bar stools can play a significant role in your home decor.

Bar stools offer that ideal height for built-in bar counters in your kitchen. If you have a bar height kitchen counter, you need a taller seat so your friends, family, and guests can feel comfortable.

Kitchen bar stools are also great at saving some square-footage. Whether they’re bar stools with a back or backless bar stools, the slim profile will reduce the overall footprint of your seating area. That means more room for other things.

When you’re looking to visually break up your kitchen, bar stools are a great way to do so. Bar stools offer a unique shape and extra height, which can add visual interest to your kitchen that chairs don’t. Look for the perfect bar stools that complement the aesthetics of your kitchen because once you do, you’ll be thankful.



Always relevant, always beautiful.


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Our direct-to-consumer model allows us to provide premium furniture at a fair cost to our customers.


Solid wood, hand finished, with mortise-and-tenon joinery.

Choose Bar Stools in Your Style

Bar stools come in a wide range of different styles. You might have a preference for either a casual style or a formal look for your kitchen, but this is dependent on the visual presentation of the entire room. No matter how you style your kitchen, our bar stools are designed to fit. Our elegant styles can help complete any room. Here is what you can find at Maven Lane:

  • Timeless design that is always relevant and always beautiful
  • Fast delivery on our kitchen bar stools because waiting is no fun
  • Premium bar stools at a great price because we sell directly to you
  • Superior craftsmanship of solid wood that’s hand finished

We value the customer first. Our dedication to create the finest kitchen bar stools is based on our desire to transform our customers' homes for the better. We are persistent with our pursuit to provide an exceptional customer experience and tremendous value.

Innovation is a concept we take seriously. We are dedicated to it by constantly exploring new and better ways to shape the future of the industry, our production facilities, our clientele, and our team.

We approach our work with a craftsman mentality. We represent what superior craftsmanship is. This type of commitment leads to continuous growth, both as artists and individuals. Our goals are to always empower others and deliver outstanding experiences.

Our Philosophy in Creating the Best Bar Stools

At Maven Lane, we design and create bar stools with timeless designs for an underserved market. We open the doors of aesthetic beauty for those who would otherwise be locked out.

Being deeply passionate about the transformative power of well-curated homes is ingrained in us. An organized, well-designed room has the ability to evoke a range of emotions and sensations, such as contemplation, excitement, alertness, relaxation, and more. We believe that even simple furniture pieces like kitchen bar stools have the ability to give you what you’re looking for and influence our emotions. They go beyond being mere objects and instead become conduits of personal expression. Our bar stools have the ability to invite others to connect and experience the same enchantment.

We maintain a great appreciation for materials, textures, colors, and shapes, and we understand the effect they have on our sensory experiences. These concepts can be found in our kitchen bar stools. For example, there’s pleasure in running your hand through crafted textiles. The scent of leather and the intricate patterns found in wood grain do the same thing. Whether it’s a blend of romance, artistry, and practicality in these, they do in fact create the atmosphere you want in your kitchen.